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La galette des rois

J’étais tellement occupé à ranger ma chambre que j’ai oublié de vous dire ceci : cette année, c’est moi le roi ! Oui, j’ai eu la fève.

Maman avait prévu une jolie galette, et c’était trop gai. Elle l’a coupée, mon petit frère s’est caché en dessous de la table et il devait dire pour qui étaient les morceaux, sans regarder. Parce que parfois, la fève dépasse un peu, et moi je ne trouve pas ça juste si on la voit. Alors quand la galette est coupée, on distribue au hasard. Maman nous rappelle toujours de ne pas croquer trop vite ou trop fort.

On était assis tous les trois, et on se regardait manger. J’essayais de repérer où la fève pouvait se trouver. Et tout à coup, j’ai senti un petit truc dur sous ma dent ! C’était bien ça, j’étais le roi!

Maman a placé la couronne sur ma tête et on a pris une photo. Et puis j’ai proposé à mon petit frère de venir ranger la fève avec moi dans notre petite boîte où chaque année, on ajoute la fève qu’on a gagnée.

Je ne sais pas vous mais moi, j’adore la galette des rois !

La galette des rois - Epiphany Cake

I was so busy cleaning up my room that I forgot to tell you this: this year, I'm the king! Yes, I got the charm.

Mommy had planned a pretty cake, and it was so much fun.

She cut it, my little brother hid under the table, and he had to say who the slices were for, without looking. Because the charm sometimes sticks out a little, and I don't think that's fair if you can see it. So Mommy cuts the cake and the slices are handed out randomly. She always reminds us not to bite too fast or too hard.

The three of us were sitting and watching each other eat. I was trying to figure out where the charm was, and all of a sudden, I bit something hard with my teeth! That was it, I was the king!

Mommy put the crown on my head and we took a picture. And then I told my little brother to come with me and put the charm in our little box where every year we add the one we win.

I don't know about you but I love the galette des rois!

Cultural note: In Northern France and Belgium, the Epiphany has come to be associated with a very special dessert – galette des rois, known in English as Epiphany cake. It’s basically a flaky puff pastry cake filled with frangipane and – if made correctly – a special charm, or "la fève", hidden deep inside a slice. Whoever ends up with la fève is king or queen for a day, each cake comes with a paper crown.

The Epiphany cake tradition dates back hundreds of years, when the charm was a dried broad bean and traditionally the youngest person – the most innocent and the least likely to cheat – would hide under the table and, unable to see the cake, would give directions on which person should receive each slice (so the prize would be awarded fairly).


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